You're here because you have a real interest in living in Hawaii.
You've also got lots of questions about such a huge decision.
Dispel for once and for all the myth about the high cost of living in Hawaii!
We invite you to flip through some of the topicss here to get a taste of the things you'll
discover about moving to and living in Hawaii.
Please note that the focus of this book is the awesome, spectacular Big Island of Hawaii,
as this is the only remaining Island that can still be called affordable.livi
Available in Print, Kindle and Nook!
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Take a Sneak Peek Through this Information Gold Mine . . .


Chapter 1 mThe Dream

Chapter 2 mThe Realities

Chapter 3 mFinding Your Own Special
ooooooooo Place

Chapter 4 mYour Virtual Tour

Chapter 5 mMaking the Big Move

Chapter 6 mShopping: Keeping the
ooooooooo Costs Down

Chapter 7 mIncome Opportunities

Chapter 8 mRetirement Opportunities

Chapter 9 mHealth Care in Hawaii

Chapter 10 iFinal Thoughts

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The Updated and Expanded
Fourth Editon
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Available in Print, Kindle and Nook!


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