Animal Quarantine Update

For folks moving to Hawaii and bringing pets, the whole quarantine issue and the huge fees charged for this service have presented a real problem. The separation of pet and owner for such a long time is even a bigger issue than the fee, and in come cases with older pets not able to cope with a month of quarantine, it has made the difference between moving to Hawaii or not. This news should be welcome relief to an old and serious dilemma for many.

The new rule is effective June 30, 2003. Under this rule, pet owners have to arrange vaccinations and blood tests for their pets at least 120 days prior to their arrival in Hawaii. The good news: Under the new rule, out-of-state pet owners would be able to arrive at Honolulu International Airport and leave with their pets within hours of their arrival.
This should be a very workable program, but you have to be prepared to plan ahead. The new fees will make pet owners moving to Hawaii happy, too. The fee if your animal qualifies for a direct release from the airport will be $165, and $224 if it will require up to 5 days of quarantine. But the cost for a 30-day and 120-day quarantines will still be astronomical, at $655 and $1080, so it sure will pay to plan ahead and get your pet qualified for immediate release.
Pet owners who are still upset with Hawaii's strict requirements to ensure that no animal with rabies enters the state might like to know that Hawaii is the only rabies-free state in the nation.
For more information, contact:
Hawaii Department of Agriculture
Animal Quarantine Station
99-951 Halawa Valley Street
Aiea, Hawaii 96701-5602
Telephone (808) 483-7151
FAX (808) 483-7161
With much aloha,
Skip Thomsen
Updated 6/10/03